Preserving nature’s essence in a bottle

Showcasing the essence of nature and reaching to the audience at large through our creativity. Obrotu teams up with Jam-e-Shirin to bring you Pakistan’s no 1 natural drink.

Let me take a selfie

Winter brings unwelcoming stuff and fizzy hair is one of them. Don’t be hoodwinked by artificial solutions and try something natural. Vatika hair oil promises nourishment in just 30 minutes. Obrotu teams up with Vatika to bring you talk of the town stuff.

Stay warm with winter’s collection

Telling your audience about new collections is a tricky business and we do that for the brands you love. Origins and Team Obrotu joined hands to come up with a tell-all video as it made waves and revealed the new collections through a blend of style and glamour.

A Tee with a spree

While letting it be known to the audience that a free T-shirt is available on a specific shopping limit can be a tricky business as you need to convey this message to audience at-large. We at Obrotu help you with that and also in the coolest way possible. ONE PK and Team Obrotu came up with the finest animation possible.


Showcasing embroidery collection through online portals need to make waves and should cover all aspects of the new offerings. Summing up the embroidery collection of Mausummery Pakistan was a challenging task indeed however we at Obrotu are fond of getting things done in an exceptional way.

Be ONE with what you wear!

And then there comes a situation where animations best describe what you are offering. Reaching to the audience at-large through such creative videos is an art and we master that art when we collaborate with stores like ONE PK.

BTS Shoot

While revealing the best collections through a photo shoot can be challenging, it is also worth mentioning that Team Obrotu have such and other high successful projects under its belt. We love photo sessions and our clients love it more than anyone.

Safety Measures come in first place

We love to convey messages that are of benefit to the general public. You care about other’s health and we make sure that the message you want to deliver serve the purpose.

We love fusions

A video revealing spring collection and fascinating music in the background could serve the purpose if and only if the fusion is fabulous. We not only depict collections but make sure that the video is making waves for all the right reasons.

Ode to the Maestros

The brands that we love were not built in a day, instead it was hard work of the team members that made it possible. Besides, there are also some unsung heroes that go unnoticed when it comes to appreciation. Baroque and Team Obrotu came up with an idea to pay homage to the unsung hero of the fashion industry and it was something beyond the ordinary. Kudos!!!

Taking up the Mannequin Challenge!

Like others, Team Obrotu also gave the Mannequin Challenge a try and it turned out to be a showstopper. The viral video was applauded as one of the top attempts to have come out of Pakistan. If being totally still in challenging positions is an art, then you can call Team Obrotu the ‘real maestros’.

Showbiz stars and winter collection

Believe it or not, but we love to see our stars wearing some fabulous collections. That is where our work starts as we think about something out of the box that not only fits the plot but also exhibit the glamour in the most astonishing way possible.

There is a hidden love inside mom’s anger

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to express love with mom and that is why we teamed up with Baroque MD to show that love-bond in another way. The video won accolades for humorous confessions shared by the participants. Anger meets love and we are loving it!

We make your dreams come true

While collaborating with Dabur, Team Obrotu make your dreams come true while giving you opportunity to rise and shine. We also make sure that the competition draws as many participants as it can and that the message is conveyed to peeps in large.

Food Tasting Subway X Obrotu

Subway will do whatever it takes to bring on the finest offerings to their customers for they don’t compromise on taste and customer satisfaction. However, customer’s feedback and satisfaction also count is such type of situations. Team Obrotu join hands with Subway and came up with something extraordinary and brainy.