Customer support does not happen on the phone anymore. Since more and more businesses integrate social networks into their sales and client retention processes, as well as marketing, 90% of users prefer to talk to a business using social networks. It is understandable: a customer would prefer to quickly write a message on Facebook rather than go through the process of googling the website, calling and waiting on the line. Providing customer service through the social media in 2018 is inevitable. This is why businesses must learn to give great and timely customer support through their business pages.


Recent research has shown that users tend to spend more money on the company’s products if they were provided with attentive and prompt customer service on the social network. Thus, social media customer service can become one of the main instruments for you to attract and retain clients. With some basic steps and new and original approaches you will find below, customer support on facebook business page will be much easier to do.



Basic Standards of Customer Support in Social Media


Any digital media agency would say that your customer support does not need to be available on every social network. You need to choose to represent your business or brand only on those social networks that have the most target customers. Careful research of consumer behavior can help you do that. Once you have chosen the social network for running your business page, set up high standards on how to manage customer support in social media.


Your main priorities should include this:

  1. Respond to client messages, comments and shares as soon as you can. This may be more difficult than it seems, since a support manager will need to prioritize among many different reactions and messages. Generally, it is advised to respond first to urgent technical issues, direct questions about sales and negative comments and complaints. Once the manager is done with these issues, it is time to move to positive feedback, shares and comments. Do not make people wait for more than 12 hours for your response.
  2. Search for mentions of your business/brand in the social network to engage in the dialogue with the users. When a user mentions your product, it would be very logical of you to thank them or comment on the post. There are both free and paid online tools, like Social Mention, that can help you monitor the mentions. This is a good way to demonstrate users that your Facebook page is active and you are willing to engage in dialogue. And, most importantly, you are grateful for their participation. Always try to close the dialogue, and be the last one in the comment thread.
  3. A customer support manager and an SMM manager are two different jobs. It is important to remember that, because, in order to provide quality customer care, your manager needs to know how to talk to people. If your budget allows you a separate community manager who will focus on user-to-business communication, it will keep your customers more satisfied. A good customer care manager will know how to build the dialogue in case the client is nervous or frustrated with the service, and will be able to find common ground with many different types of people. Don’t underestimate your employee’s ability to communicate with people.


Once you are all set with the working standards and your customer support on Instagram business page is running smoothly, here are a few new approaches that will be very timely in 2018.

Fresh CSI Ideas in Social Media



How can you make your client care through social media stand out? Customer care on the social networks has a potential of getting you new and valued clients, and it can go way beyond passive reacting to comments and messages.


Groups are a new way of client care through Facebook. Especially so since Facebook is about to introduce changes into the news feed, giving further priority to the content of friends and groups. One of the successful cases of introducing groups to customer support on Facebook was KLM. The airline organized a closed group that provided 24/7 support for the current passengers. Since using Facebook is much more hands-on than any other means of communication, this initiative had an impressive success rate among KLM’s clients. You can do the same for your followers and customers, depending on your product and the scale of your business. Here are some ideas:

  • Invite your existing customers to a closed group where they can get a 24/7 support on your product as a sign of your gratitude for their loyalty
  • Advertising publicly exciting new offers that existing customers can avail
  • Encourage user interactions inside the group by posting links to interesting content, competitions and discount offers.

Groups are a powerful tool to create a community within a social network. It will make customer support much easier and faster, and will let you study your follower’s wants and needs close-up.

Another good idea is to use videos, stories and live streaming to address the most common issues and queries that your followers have. This multimedia approach will let you engage more users into interacting with your content while providing them with the necessary information at the same time.


No matter what the nature of your business is, you cannot go through 2018 without establishing customer service through social media business pages. The more effective your client care is, the more active your user will be on the social media, which will lead you to the conversion rate you have always dreamed about.


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